The eAcademy


Online School

Stage 1: Click on ‘Apply Now’ button, select online school and complete all sections

Stage 2: Agree to terms, conditions and payment of non-refundable application fee

Stage 3: Outcome communicated via email and payment link provided for accepted applications

Stage 4: Accepted students to The eAcademy will be required to:

  1. Provide further documents requested
  2. Sign and return academy policies
  3. Select payment plan
  4. Make payment according to plan and terms

Stage 5: Induction details to be sent to student and parents including:

  1. Term Dates
  2. Daily Schedule
  3. Login details for student and parents
  4. Resources list to be provided or purchased

Stage 6: The student begins studying at The eAcademy

Tuition & Courses

Stages of application similar to above with some small differences