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Arabic Language Courses

The main objective of designing and delivering this Arabic course is to assist and support Muslims to understand the Quran, the book of Allah (SWT), in order for it to be contemplated and acted upon.

At The eAcademy our Arabic language programme is also available to take as courses. These courses are available for children and adults, however more geared toward adult learners. Each stage is one course, as outlined below.

  1. Beginner – Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence Structures
  2. Intermediate 1 – Further Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence Structures
  3. Intermediate 2 – Further Grammar 2, Application, Conversation
  4. Advanced – Article writing, advanced conjugation and translation

All stages of Arabic language will focus on the following areas:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Grammar
  4. Listening
  5. Speaking

Fees & Structure

The courses will be delivered utilising flip learning and live online lesson strategies as is with all our learning at The eAcademy.

The structure and fees are as follows:


Flip Learning Lessons per Week

Live Lessons per Week

Course Length

Course Fee




5 Weeks


Intermediate 1



6 Weeks


Intermediate 2



8 Weeks





6 Weeks


Note: All courses are subject to availability of spaces

Note 2: If a student is highly motivated but in a financially difficult position, please do contact us to see how we can support at The eAcademy


  1. A student registering for a course does not have to be a member of the The eAcademy online school
  2. A student already registered with The eAcademy online school can register for additional courses
  3. Learning requirements: please click here for more information
  4. These courses are primarily designed for adult learning and basic understanding would be required; however, the beginner course will rapidly cover this foundational knowledge
  5. If a student has registered for more than one course, they would progress to the next course on the conclusion of the previous one

Schedule & Calendar

As with our online school which caters for nursery to year 13 students, the flip learning lessons are flexible for learners to complete at their own time and pace. Provided the assignments are completed prior to the scheduled live lessons to receive feedback in a timely and effective manner.

The courses will be held throughout the year and can start at any point of the year based on student enrolment. The live lessons can also be organised flexibly to suit teacher and student availability. However, once the schedule is arranged it must be adhered to.