The eAcademy


The Approach

This method of learning is an approach which is dynamic and interactive. It provides an independent learning space, where a student investigates set learning objectives using available e-resources such as:

  1. E-books
  2. Uploaded learning videos
  3. Assignments and tasks set by the teacher
  4. Assessments
  5. Timely feedback on assignments and assessments

Note: Flip learning is supported by live lessons

Flipped learning is based on four pillars which are:

F – Flexible Environment

L – Learning Culture

I – Intentional Content

P – Professional Educator

The eAcademy’s perception of flipped learning:

We at The eAcademy consider flipped learning a traditional type of learning that was close to the way the early generations of Muslims learnt. This is because the learning was flexible, based on an intrinsic learning culture and intentional objectives that were studied within the comfort of a learner’s own space and time. This learning was then verified and delved into deeper with professional educators such as the Prophet (PBUH) and other scholarly teachers.

Our process of Flip Learning

Our process of Flip Learning