The eAcademy


Live Online Lessons

To support the flip learning strategy we provide live online lessons. Online lessons will be conducted live once a day per year group. The timetables explain how this will work.

Online lessons provide the opportunity for students to dive deeper in to their learning. They comprise of the following:

1.  Question and answer sessions

2.  Quizzes

3.  Consolidation of learning

4.  Feedback and overview of last week

5.  Summary for week ahead

The live lessons will be conducted as follows:

  1. On a video conferencing platform
  2. This will be within the learning management system(LMS)
  3. Teacher sharing screen with face time if required
  4. Students screen sharing with face time if required
  5. Lessons recorded for later engagement
  6. Real time responses
Internet education concept for e-book and tutorials with user hands holding digital tablet or e reader with button start